Sheffield Hallam FC Fencer Heads National Rankings for First Half of 2016

Nicholas Williams has been at the head of the Leon Paul Junior Series U13 Foil ranking for the whole of the first half of the 2016.  See the blog post dated 8/6/2016 for more details and picture.  The club’s medal tally is now over 25 in the last 3 years.


One of my goals in life is bring the wonderful, unusual and sometimes misunderstood sport of fencing to a wider public.  At present I run two community clubs in South Yorkshire, train GO/FENCE coaches for British Fencing and undertake many outreach sessions for various schools and community organisations.

Please remember that fencing is a practical activity and like learning to ride a bike only so much can be gained from reading about the activity. You need to have a go yourself!  Get instruction form a qualified coach in a club that suits you and always wear the right protective equipment!

So what information will you find in these web pages? Here’s a quick summary:

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