What will you find in these web pages? Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Information directed at fencers, parents, schools and other bodies, including British Fencing Welfare Officer contact details.
  2. Details of local fencing clubs and how to find others further afield
  3. An explanation of the methods used to teach fencing
  4. Weapons gradings for all three weapons
  5. Links to kit suppliers and other fencing related things on the web
  6. Services provided by ‘The Fencing Coach’
  7. Contact details
  8. A blog with news about fencing kit bargains, up coming competitions, my thoughts about fencing matters, web site development and things I find amusing.

If you want to ask questions or make a suggestion please use the blog so others will be able to see and follow the conversation. Alternatively if that’s not appropriate email me direct, the address is on the Contact page.

Kind regards…     Peter Ellinger aka The Fencing Coach