The Weapons

A group of weapons (Foil, Epee and Sabre)

Modern fencing has three disciplines: Epee Foil and Sabre. Each has it’s own methods of play and weapon specific rules but also shares many skills and rules with the of other disciplines…

Bouts in all weapons are fought on a piste which is 14m long by 2m wide. The fencers come on-guard 4m apart in the centre of the piste. The referee controls the bout, starting the fencers with the command ‘Play’, ‘Fence’ or ‘Allez’ (if french is being used). Once the first touche or hit has been landed the referee calls ‘Halt’ and the fencers cease fencing immediately (the same command is used in case of a breach of the rule or a safety issue has developed). The referee then awards the point depending on the phrasing of the action and the accuracy of the touche. Each weapon has different requirements for hit to be valid.

Foil is usually the first weapon to be taught to beginners as all the skills can be successfully transferred across to the other weapons.