Epees with various handles

This is a heavier weight sword than the Foil and but is also used for thrusting attacks.  The valid target is the entire body, from head to toe.  Points are scored by pushing the tip of the weapon against the target and getting the point to ‘fix’, i.e. not slip across it. The blade must flex under the right level of impact, which is equivalent to 750g.

Epee doesn’t have the ‘right of way’ convention. First to hit get the point, unless the hits arrive within 5/100′s of a second, in which case a double-hit is awarded and both fencers scores a point. Epee’s it’s unique character is that it more closely resembles a duel than any other weapon. If you are attacked you can try counter-attacking back and land the first hit (or get a hit at the same time), alternatively you could react, as a Foilist must, with a parry to defend yourself, followed swiftly by riposte trying to score.