The GO/Fence plastic fencing system  is the best way to get school children interested in fencing! It’s safe, fun and time effective.

Children enjoying the GO/Fence experience.

GO/Fence Fun!

A hi-tech plastic is used for the construction of GO/Fence foils.  The weapons are firm enough for a full range of fencing techniques and tactics to be learnt but they will never break.  This has an important consequence,  only a face mask is needed to fence safely.

No need to wear a heavy fencing jacket, nor a plastron (under-jacket), nor a pair of breaches and long socks, nor is a glove on the sword hand needed.  This means a class of children can be ready to fence in as little as 2 minutes rather than the 30 minutes needed when using metal fencing swords, leaving much more time for teaching and learning a new sport but most importantly enjoying taking part with friends both new and old.

GO/Fence Foil achievement awards mirror those of the conventional Foil.  In a typical school club setting pupils who work diligently can be expected to achieve up to Grade 2 achievement award.  Once this standard has been reached pupils are asked if the would like to move onto fencing at a local community club, based in a secondary school or sports centre, using metal weapons to continue their development as a fencer.