Local Fencer Selected for GB Olympic Team

Great joy! Husayn Rosowski, ex-pupil of Tapton School, Crosspool, Sheffield, has been selected to represent Great Britain in the Men’s Foil competition in the London 2012 Olympics.

As a friend of the family, we would all like to congratulate him on this achievement and wish him well in his endeavours to medal. We well remember when you were the youngest of three fencing brothers and boy did you know about it, but look at you now!

Go GB, go Husayn!

A Sad Loss

Great Sadness today. It was a tremendous shock to hear that a stalwart of veterans fencing, Carol Wengraf, has sadly passed away. Veterans Fencing report that she collapsed on the piste just before starting a bout at the Celtic Challenge in Spain on 23rd June 2012.

She will be missed. Our sympathies and thoughts are with David and Helen at this time.


Within Touching Distance

Just an aside…

The Olympic flame was carried through Sheffield yesterday on its way to the London 2012 games. The crowds were fantastic, cheering the runners on their way. Go GB!

With home emergencies taken care of over the weekend time to do some more writing/editing. Some content now added to the Coaching menu. Must remember the citations and to give thanks to coaches who have influenced my coaching in the past. Now where did I put that link to Harvard referencing,

Several club members / parents with experience of web site development and/or fencing have been invited to look at the site prior to launch for feedback.

Still need more images to add to the site showing fencers in action. Considering how best to do this.

Initial Content

My excitement is growing as the site is filling out with the initial content, which is both the written and graphical. A selection of page headers are in place which change on a random basis.

Over the last week I’ve uploaded the following pages: Home, several About Fencing pages, a shortish Bio(graphy), Contact, Links and made some Blog entries.

Next pages to be done are under the Coaching menu item. I’ll start with the Book & Video suggestions and as it’s Father’s Day that might be all I get done today.

If you spot any errors, have any issues with the site or want to make a comment please use the Blog. Thanks…     Pete

GIMP and WordPress

The Graphical Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) was quickly installed on the Ubuntu powered PC by download from the software repository. A Google search found many GIMP video tutorials and after a bit of practice off we go! After a week of learning the software and processing the images I’m happy to up load the files, but how? Time to learn more about WordPress and FTP.

OK, so having view more video tutorials I’m ready to up load the GIMP’ed photos. FTP not needed WordPress does it all. Fantastic! Happily re-learning FTP was not a waste of time, I’ll need it for backing up the site in case the web host’s Apache open-source servers ever die (which isn’t likely but ‘never say never’).

I’ve been expanding the mind-map of the site and been creating the site page structure using WordPress. I can’t tell you how good this piece of software is. I’ve used content management programs before but this is way better than anything else I’ve used. I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to create a web site of this type.

Now where did I put those text files, written over the years, for just such a time. These were created using, of course, a free open-source word processor from Open Office. They’ll need quite a bit of editing before I can publish them…