I’ve had a nice surprise, my son Dan has completed a project I set for him, to create a logo for The Fencing Coach…

The Fencing Coach JACKET LOGO

Wow, I’m in awe! Fantastic job Dan, even better than I’d hoped for. Must get some t-shirts etc made up and incorporate it into the web site.

Breadcrumbs and Favicons

I’ve been working to make the site more interesting and usable.

The photos from the European Championships 2012 have been processed and added to the site. These like all the other images will be displayed in a random order. Hope you like them.

With Paul’s help I’ve added breadcrumbs above the picture on each page so you can see where in the site you’ve got to. Again with Paul’s help, I’ve added a little icon Favicon image for The Fencing Coach web site. , created using GIMP, to the site. This icon shows up in the favourites/bookmarks list and on the browsers tabs. This should help when you navigate to the site.

I’ll be adding some more text into the Individual Lessons next followed by pages aimed at helping parents and teachers.

Action Photos

Have now obtained some photographs of fencing action at the European Fencing Championships 2012. These came from the Fencing Shop and where taken by Noel at the English Institute of Sport Sheffield.

Compilation of action photos from the European Fencing Championships, Sheffield 2012

I need to do some processing of the images before uploading them to the site. Now where’s that GIMP application when you need it.