CPD – Children with Coordination Difficulties – How can I help? Workshop

I attended a Continuing Professional Development session at English Institute of Sport Sheffield last Friday (23/11/12) run by Jo Roberts, at physiotherapist, based at Ryegate Children’s Centre in Sheffield.

An extremely informative session and Jo’s a great presenter.  If you deliver session including children with motor-based performance problems, most commonly known as developmental coordination disorder (DCD) / Dyspraxia, this was a ‘must attend’ event.  It gave good insights into the issues involved and methods and strategies for helping were promoted.  I believe this will positively enhance the coaching I deliver to children and adults with this range is issues.

If you find that any of your pupils, of all ages, are not perfectly co-ordinated (in my experience that’s many people) this is a great session to attend too.  I’m currently working to incorporating some of the discussion in the workshop into my coaching sessions to see which of my pupils will benefit and by how much.

If you are interested in finding out more about DCD visit the Dyspraxia Association of Ireland’s web site.  If you’re interested in motor skills in general have a look at Schmidt and Wrisberg’s book: Motor Learning and Performance.  A short review of the book can be found on the Links/Download, Book, Videos page of this web site.

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The above link takes you to a translation of the original text into English by H Rackham made in 1914. The content is thought provoking and the translation of Section 1.10.33 of “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” (The Extremes of Good and Evil) says a lot about the qualities and values a fencer should aspire to possess.

If you choose to follow the link, I hope you enjoy the read.