Young Investgators

The club had a mystery shopper visit last week from Sheffield City Council’s Young Investigators, these are a group of young people drawn from across the city who give their views about sports they’ve done. They took part in a normal beginners class along with some other children at the club as part of their secret review of the club and it’s coaching.  Out of the blue we received feedback today from the children via Max Bellwood a Children’s Involvement Officer at Sheffield City Council’s Children’s Involvement Team Sheffield. The text of the email feedback is reproduced below:

‘I’m just popping you a YI (Young Investigators) report about Fencing at Silverdale in the post for you. It was fantastic and the kids loved it, 5/5 session – I also just wanted to pass on how great the guy was who delivered it.’

We are flattered by the comments and are very proud of the rating. We hope this should encourage any prospective fencers, of all ages, to come along and have a go at this great sport.  If this does inspire you please drop me an email to get the ball rolling, my up to date details are on the Contact page of this web site.