Outreach Programme Noted in OFSTED School Report

Sheffield Hallam Fencing Club’s GO/Fence outreach programme to Hallam Primary School is mentioned in the schools recent OFSTED report.

It is recorded that fencing has contributed to ‘a significant impact on pupils’ well-being, their enjoyment of school and their capacity to learn new skills’ and that this is particularly evident for ‘less confident pupils’.  Further evidence that taking up fencing develops more than just the ability to wield a sword.

The club has had extensive opportunities to engage with the school’s pupils over the last few years.  The children have shown great enthusiasm for the sport and the academic staff have been most helpful in facilitating this programme.  Since the report the senior members of the outreach club have started mentoring the new intake for 2013-14 as part of their fencing development… ‘To teach is to learn’, the new members have additional help learning new techniques and the mentors consolidate the understanding of the moves and how to employ them tactically.  Truly a win, win, win  situation!