The Duties Of The Coach

  1. The welfare of the pupils is paramount.  That is in terms of the: venue, kit provided and performance demands placed on the pupils.
  2. To assess the pupils so teaching and coaching can be pitched at the correct level for each pupil.
  3. To develop in each pupil the prerequisite abilities and skills so they can effectively learn the new material taught to them.
  4. To teach the subject matter in a logical order, in an effective manner and in a style appropriate for each pupil.
  5. To coach the best possible performance out of each pupil.

In summary

Do no harm and make the most of what you have to work with.

Lesson Content

The club training sessions I run are sub-divided into sections:

Preparatory Section

  • A warm up to bring the mind and body into a state that is ready for action
  • More intense physical exercises or games

Teaching Section

  • Either a group lesson followed by pairs practice
  • Or short individual lessons while other pairs practice

Bouting section

Alternating weeks:

  • Bouts in a ladder
  • Bouts in formal pools

During the latter section I observe performance and pull pupils out for brief lessons which address issues individual fencers appear to be having.

Final Section

Warm down the group:

  • to consolidate group bonding
  • remove any toxins that have built up in the muscles which might cause stiffness the next day
  • to be ready mentally to go home with a sense of achievement with their efforts.

Find Out More

Via the Coaching menu you will also find brief details of the types of lessons, both group and individual that a fencers will receive in the course of a season.