Epee Grade 6

Demonstrate:(with coach or partner)

While following your partner’s steps forward and backward:

  1. Angulated hits around your partner’s wrist
  2. Maintain correct distance and choose the moment for a Direct Attack to your partner’s body with Fleche
  3. Defend against your partner’s Compound Attacks using successive Parries with opposition Ripostes
  4. Maintain step-lunge distance and step forward to draw your partner’s hit to arm and attack to body using a Bind

From a stationary position:

  1. Attacks and Ripostes using an Envelopment
  2. Direct and Indirect Renewals with Reprise and Reprise with Fleche
  3. Actions with Reassemblement


  1. Counter-time actions
  2. Tactical use of Corps-a-Corps
  3. Use of Preparations