Foil Gradings

Gradings or Achievement Awards exist to help the fencer in the development of their skills. They set out a syllabus of techniques, tactics and the necessary footwork and timing to make the moves work. Other subjects such as safety, etiquette, piste layout, refereeing, running competitions and basic coaching skills. Gradings are also useful for the coach in a goal setting role as one of the methods used to motivate young fencers especially.

The gradings are progressive. As a fencer progresses to the later grades they are expected to achieve higher standards of performance for the previous acquired skills while learning new skills in a restricted tactical settings.

Each weapon has its own set of gradings. which run in parallel. Some themes are common across all the weapons (e.g. ‘advance’ and ‘retire’ footwork, lunging and refereeing commands)¬†and some are weapon specific (e.g. at Foil (and Sabre) the ‘right of way’ or ‘priority rule’, at Epee the ‘double hit’ rule and at Sabre ‘no crossing step while advancing’ rule).

Please use the menus to explore the various weapon gradings. Each grading is on a separate page to help with printing the material.