Foil Grade 4

Demonstrate: (with coach or partner)

While following your partner’s steps forward and backward:

  1. Continuously change engagements in high line and low line guards
  2. Maintain lunging distance with blades engaged and when your partner pauses, attack by One-two with a lunge
  3. When your partner attacks with a lunge, Parry with:
    • Circular Party of Sixte with Direct and Indirect Ripostes
    • Circular Parry of Quarte with Direct and Indirect Ripostes
  4. Maintain lunging distance and when your partner pauses and lowers his/her foil point, make a feint Direct and Disengage with a lunge, when your partner:
    • Parries into Sixte
    • Parries into Quarte

From a stationary position:

  1. Double, Low-High and High-Low compound attacks, with an accelerating lunge
  2. Direct and Disengage attacks with Beats and Change-beats, with an explosive lunge
  3. Successive Parries


  1. Scoring on a pool sheet; first and second indicators
    • Electric foil recording apparatus
    • Fencers electrical equipment
    • Testing the equipment before the start of a fight
    • A foil test weight and how it is used
  2. The correct responses of a judge, and demonstrate your ability to judge in a pool