Foil Grade 5

Demonstrate:(with coach or partner).

While following your partner’s steps forward and backward:

  1. Maintain step-lunge distance and on one of your partner’s steps forward, attack with:
    • Beat Direct with an explosive lunge
    • Beat Disengage with an explosive lunge
  2. As your partner attacks with a lunge, step back to avoid the attack and attack with a step lunge as your partner returns guard
  3. Parry your partner’s attack with a Circular Parry of Sixte and hit with a Disengage Riposte – if your Circular Parry is deceived, then Parry Quarte with a Direct Riposte

From a Stationary Position:

  1. Engage your partner’s blade in:
    • Sixte, and attack with Coule direct and Coule Disengage and accelerating lunge
    • Quarte, and attack with Coule Direct and Coule Disengage and accelerating lunge
  2. Diagonal Parries
  3. Direct Attack, with Fleche
  4. Engage your partner’s blade in Sixte, Quarte, Octave and Septime, with a step forward


  1. Successive Parries and the reasons for them
  2. Rules and penalties regarding:
    • Illegal use of back arm
    • Corps a corps
    • Turning
    • Hard hitting and dangerous fencing
  3. Faults in the foil electrical recording apparatus when fencers are correctly connected and when:
    • One fencers is hit correctly on target and white light appears
    • A white light continually flashes on one side