Sabre Grade 3

Demonstrate: (with coach or partner)

While following your partner’s steps forward and backward:

  1. Maintain correct distance and make successive Cuts to Cheek, Head, Flank and Chest using various combinations, without a lunge
  2. Maintain correct distance and each time your partner pauses, Attack with Direct and Indirect Cuts to Head, Flank and Chest, with a lunge

From a stationary position:

  1. Cuts to Arm
  2. Stop Cut followed by a Parry of Tierce, Quarte or Quinte with a Direct Riposte
  3. Indirect Riposte following Parries of Tierce, Quarte and Quinte
  4. Parries of Tierce, Quarte and Quinte with a Direct first Counter-riposte
  5. Attacks to Head, Flank and Chest with step-lunge and Balestra-lunge


  1. ‘Priority of Attack”
  2.  Indirect Actions Рgive three examples
  3. Duties of President and Judges
  4. Voting system of Jury and Responses of Judges
  5. Rules regarding the boundaries of the Piste