Sabre Grade 4

Demonstrate: (with coach or partner)

While following your partner’s steps forward and backward:

  1. Maintain correct distance and when your partner pauses, Attack to arm with a lunge
  2. Maintain correct distance and as your partner makes a Balestra preparation and an Attack with lunge, Cut to arm with a step back and Parry-Riposte
  3. Maintain correct distance and as your partner pauses, Attack with a step-lunge and if your partner parries with a Riposte, Parry with a First Counter-riposte

From a stationary position:

  1. Direct and Indirect Attacks with Balestra step
  2. Parries of Prime and Seconde
  3. Beats and Circular Beats


  1. Scoring on a pool sheet; first and second indicators
  2. Rules regarding:
    • Corps-a-Corps
    • Turning
    • Hard hitting and dangerous fencing
    • Simultaneous Attacks
  3. The correct procedure for judging, and demonstrate your ability to judge in a pool.