Sabre Grade 9

Demonstrate: (with coach or partner)

While following your partner’s steps forward and backward:

  1. Choose the moment to make a step forward preparation and
    • Parry-riposte if your partner attacks
    • Make a compound attack with a lunge if your partner parries
    • Make a compound attack with Balestra Steps Lunge if your partner moves away
  2. Defend against your partner’s attack using parries of Prime and Seconde and Quinte
  3. Attack with a step-lunge and
    • if your partner parries and ripostes, then parry and hit with a first counter-riposte while on lunge
    • if your partner parries and ripostes with a step back, then parry with a forward recovery and hit with a compound riposte with lunge
    • If your partner moves away, then hit with a compound reprise with forward recovery and Balestra Steps lunge

From a stationary position:

  1. Set up a simultaneous attack situation with your partner and occasionally make a second-intention preparation with a parry-riposte
  2. From a step-lunge distance, step forward and
    • Attack to head with an explosive lunge if your partner does not move
    • Cut to head with a step back if your partner steps forward
    • Attack to head with Balestra lunge if your partner steps back

Demonstrate your ability to:

  1. Fence your partner for 5 hits and explain how all the hits were scored
  2. Preside a fight for 5 hits
  3. Give your partner a short “warm-up” lesson with mobility, involving direct and indirect attacks, single parries with direct ripostes and counter-ripostes