Kit Suppliers

No specific recommendations except that I’ve used all of those named below in the past and have received good products and service on each occasion. Prices and quality do vary but all have to meet minimum safety standards at the time of purchase.

If you are committed to the sport and want something which will serve you well for many years be prepared to pay the extra money. If money isn’t an issue or you just want the best I can’t fault the kit I have purchased from Leon Paul Fencing Equipment Ltd., Allstar and Negrini.

If you’re an unusual shape, like me, you might be interested in the made to measure service provided by some manufacturers such as Leon Paul Fencing Equipment Ltd. An excellent service, at a reasonable price, which makes the sport more enjoyable and practical for me at least.

If you’re starting out and on a tight budget, unsure if this is a long term interest or you’re buying for a growing child then shopping around might find something more appealing to your pocket.


Caveat emptor, as lawyers say! Make sure you are buying what is right for you, in terms of quality, sizing and your circumstances. There are regulations relating to the standards of manufacture of kit. Please also ensure the kit is used in the correct manner and broken blades are disposed of safely.


  • Visiting a vendor is the best way to buy kit, they should have a full range in all sizes for you to try. The problem is most people live a long way from their premises however if you are investing in a lot of kit this is the way to go.
  • Next best thing is to visit a vendor’s trade stand at a competition which is more local to you. The problem is that you only get one vendor per competition and the supplier you want to get kit from might not run a trade stand near were you live. Also the range of kit and sizes taken to competitions is limited for practical reasons. Best to telephone/email and make arrangements, in good time, for the item(s)/size range you want to try to be taken to the competition of your choice.
  • The most common way to buy kit is from the vendor’s web site. This might mean that you order have several sizes to choose from and send the surplus back for a refund or order one item and wait for a replacement if it doesn’t fit/isn’t suitable which takes time. All vendors I have done business with over the years, both domestic and overseas, have been very helpful in this respect. Some of the links are for vendors who’s first language isn’t English but here too the owners have been extremely helpful in the past. Easy access to translation services like Google’s Translate web application will facilitate this trade.
  • Another way to obtain kit is to order it through your club or coach. In this way if orders are amalgamated you may be able to save on postage costs.

What to buy and when…

Please see the web site page aimed at giving help and guidance to parents.