Presents for Fencers

Be it for Christmas, Birthday or as a reward for doing something well (fencing or otherwise) fencers always appreciate a new piece of kit or clothing.

Below are a few links to things you might like to consider.  See also the other pages in the Links menu for more ideas or places to look.

Fencing or Court Shoes

See the various kit retailers web sites (Eg.1 or Eg.2, other option exist too)  or visit Decathlon or similar for court shoes.


Selected offerings from Cafe Press and elsewhere:

Kid’s T-shirt…  Eat – Sleep – Fence

Youth’s T-Shirt… Fencing – Two Straps Away

Girl’s T-Shirt… Evolution Fencing

I’m currently (Oct 2013) trying to get The Fencing Shop to produce t-shirts of Chris Hollis’ amusing cartoons, which appear in British Fencing’s Sword magazine.  Drop them an email if you’re interested.


Great for helping fencers and parents understand the game:

Children’s book on learning to fence… Learning Fencing

Children’s book on training to fence… Training Fencing

Fencing Kit

It’s always nice to have your own which you can ‘make your own’ with the handle of your choice, a blade which you can have ‘set’ to your own requirements.

Deals can be made if purchasing a full beginners set of equipment (Eg.1 or Eg.2, other options are available too) but if a more modest present is wanted here my suggestion for the order in which you might want to buy things:

  1. Either fencing shoes or good court shoes
  2. Foil + protective plastic sheaf (looks like plastic piping)
  3. Glove
  4. Mask (get one with a removable fabric inner which can be washed, if possible)
  5. Fencing bag (Guitar style which holds all your kit)
  6. Jacket
  7. Plastron

To buy the above go to my Kit Suppliers page for a list of web site links for the various retailers.  If you have any questions please contact me my email address is on the Contact page.