Birthday and Other Gifts

Gift Sessions (Special Occasion Treats for Individuals, Couples and Groups)

Has a loved one expressed a long held desire to become a swashbuckling swordsman or swordswoman? Have a burning desire to appreciate the heft of a sword in combat?  Maybe a birthday or anniversary coming up or you have a dispute that needs settling in an honourable way? Well here’s their/your chance to feel what it’s like to weld a sword for the first time and to participate in a real duel!  This experience can be a one to one session or for more participants and can be held at a venue of your choice.  Sessions length is your choice of your choice but is best be over 1 to 2 hours.  The recipient(s) will cover the following topics: fencing etequette, safety, blade and movements skills and tactics.  The session for a single recipient will end with a duel with the fencing master.  If there is more than one recipient they will also get the opportunity to dual with the master and can also dual with the others to see who has developed most and is the best fencer at the end of the session!

Fencing Themed Birthday Parties For Children

Yes these can be arranged.  Equipment and format is dependent on circumstances.  We are flexible on the venue used so long as safety isn’t compromised. Please call or email to discuss your requirements and prices.

If you are interested in either of the above services please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. Please see the Contact page for details of telephone numbers and email addresses.