Corporate Team Building

Need to give the team a memorable ‘thank you‘ for a job well done? Need to improve the interaction between team members? Need to prompt a switch in behaviour from ‘storming’ to ‘forming’  or from ‘forming’ to ‘norming’? Consider the benefits of having a fencing corporate team building session that helps get your people performing

As a minority activity few people will have any experience so all participants will be starting out from the same point, complete ignorance. All will have to learn the new skill working together practising the moves and tactics. The sport places great emphasis on self control, respect for others and reliance on others.

The full session in overview will comprise: 1) Brief history of the sport, it’s objectives, method of play and field of play, 2) Movement skills and blade skills training, 3) Practice with various partners to explore and perfect the techniques, 4) Practice bouts to apply the new skills, 5) An introduction to fencing tactics, 6) Practice bouts to apply the tactics. 7) Learning to referee, judge and administer bouts, 8) Practice refereeing and judging bouts, 9) Learn how to run administrating bouts a competition, 10) Delegates run a competition. In the competition:

  • Everyone will experience being in charge as the Referee, deciding the fate of the fencers in their bout
  • Everyone will learn to spot the hits made on the fencers (or not as the case might be) as a Judge in a five person jury
  • Everyone will take part in the bouts, an intense face to face competition, where you’ll have to rely not only on your ability as a fencer, but also the Jury made up of a Referee and four Judges. The Judges will need to be consistant and fair in the spotting the success of your actions and the Referee will need to have the ability to interpret the action consistently, fairly and impartially while allocating the points and controlling the bout.

The delegates will see that the final outcome of the competition depends not only on participants levels of skill, determination and application but also on the team work of the Jury of Referee and Judges. These are roles which they have experienced for themselves.  The session is a good representation of the real world situation the team finds it’s self in in their day to day lives.  However on the Corporate Fencing Experience everyone gets an understanding of all the roles in the team not just their own position.  Valuable insights will have be gained into the pressures that come not only with positions of power and responsibility but also of those positions on the ‘front line’. Time is made to review and evaluate this new knowledge gained or confirmed by the team at the end of the session.

The full session takes about 4 hours plus a rest break to run and can accommodate up to 24 participants.  Shorter sessions can be tailored to your needs. These sessions use Midi-Fence equipment which is completely safe to use while maximising the benefits of the experience.

To arrange a session please don’t hesitate to phone or email, details can be found on the Contact page of this web site.